Athena's first book is out in September 2024. Come on a very funny and very factual tour of history’s most epic fibs and failures! We’ve got stories of creative truth-telling and questionable decision making that will make young readers gasp at the past - but also help them to make sense of the present too.

Watch her new hour: 'On How Life Is' at Camden Comedy Festival. Tickets available now!

Athena performs stand up comedy, makes regular guest appearances on TV and radio, and hosts corporate events.

Athena co-hosts award winning Bust or Trust: A kid's mystery podcast, Why Does My Child Hate me and hosts hit podcast Keeping Athena Company.

She's also known for her frequent appearances on popular podcasts like The Guilty Feminist, Drunk Women Solving Crime, Evil Genius and You're Dead to Me.

Photo credit: Tricia Yourkevich

Athena writes and performs sketch and scripted comedy across TV and radio. Her first live theatre show, SHOWDOWN, is currently playing at the Chameleon Theatre in Berlin 


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Photo credit: Izzy Romilly